Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunday Social

This past Sunday, March 14 th, I got the pleasure of Simple Indulgence with some of my close friends and classmates. This event was a last minute event that was put together with perfection. When I arrived the ambiance was stimulating, everyone was in great spirits and looked fantastic.

The highlight of the night for me was the cocktail list complete with six unique cocktails for which I was not privileged enough to have the ingredients. All I know is that these cocktails were the definition of innovation, made with love and executed with excellence. To put it quite simply they were decadent.

Although I don't usually hesitate ordering a cocktail there was one made with sage that made me hesitate. Fir this very reason I made sure I had this cocktail to see how it was inspired and what it was all about. Let me tell you some of the things were hesitate to indulge in the most just might pay off in the end. It broadened my spectrum to the world of cocktails and taught me to simply indulge without hesitation. I mean if you are going to let your hair down you may as well feel the breeze.

I must give a shout out to Whitehaut...If you have not got the opportunity to be pleasantly surprised and want to truly indulge this is one hot spot I would not miss out on.

So this week try new things, get creative and don't hesitate, just say yes.


  1. Yes I have to say, coming from someone who doesn't really enjoy the taste of alcohol, these martinis were delicious.
    I only got to try two of them, the Mango Martini and the Russian with an Italian Accent. Not only where the drinks fun but so where their names, I mean whose job is it to come up with these names, because I want it!

  2. the martinis were phenomenal! i enjoyed the mango one the most, especially the dried fruit...yum! It also helped that it was completed free. You know what that means, free drinks and a great night. I enjoyed myself.

    p.s. Miss Dalton, check out the chocolate martini or my blog, maybe you can add it to your list.

  3. Each feature drink created for the event was extremely unique, I have never come across a similar tasting martini.